28 Jul, 2021
  • Description:

    Axial piston unit of bent axis design with fixed displacement for use as either

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    Fixed Displacement Plug-in Motor ,axial Tapered Piston,Bent Axis Design ,

    it is a extremely compact hydraulic motor ,fit t able to the truck drive 

    gearbox etc. There is no installation tolerances to consider .


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  • Description :

    HGM Series Hydraulic Motor , crankshaft design radial piston hydraulic motor , by using static equilibrium

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    Main features:

    1.  Good performance, low speed,high torque, wide range , unit weight power far

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    QJM Sphere Piston Hydraulic Motors that can constitute a hydraulic actuator with  different oil pumps, valves

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  • Detailed Product Description

    Radial Piston Hydraulic Motor is one kind of low speed high torque radial

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  • Variable Piston Pump A1OVSO series ,t here are many control models like persistence pressure, 

    constant power constant pressure, the constant pressure constant flow of control mode, 

    and the control response speed is perfect. Low noise, high efficiency, high reliability, long life.

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  • The characteristics of the A4VSO pump: bevel disc structure, axial piston variable pump, 

    which is specially designed for the high efficiency hydraulic drive with open loop. Wildly applied 

    for ceramic press, refractory press, steel, forging and pressing, metallurgy machinery, mine machinery, 

    ship machinery, petroleum equipments, engineering and machine tool control. Pumping rate: 40, 71,125,180, 250, 300, 355, milliliter per rotation (A4VSO300 is special designed for ceramic press)v  

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     V series low noise VANE PUMP

    intra-Vane pump with high performance meets for industrial application. It is fit for variety hydraulic systems such as 

    Plastics Injection Moulding Machine, 

    casting machine, rubber machine, and machine tool and so on.


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Main features:

1.  Good performance, low speed,high torque, wide range , unit weight power far outweigh the other type of motor.

     2. Small volume, light weight, displacement from 50 ~ 630ml/r, speed can reach maximum 1500r/min.

    3.All the EPM motor have single valve to ensure the  pressure of the seal is not surpass  the  pressure of the back.

  Detailed Product Description

   BM series hydraulic motor is one type of high torque low speed hydraulic motors, with high efficiency and long life. BM motor has a wide speed range, high starting torque and rotating stable at high speed ,compact structure and light weight. It can be connected to working machine directly, adapted to all kinds of low speed heavy load facilities.

BM hydraulic motors are widely applied in agriculture machinery, fishing machinery, plastic industry, mining, and construction machinery.

Our orbital hydraulic motor including BM1,BM2,BM3,BM4,BM5,BM6 Series ,Some model can replace with Danfoss OMP,OMS,OMR,OMT series,Eaton 2K,6K.

We also accept the special order ,like wheel hydraulic motor etc.