28 Jul, 2021

Wuxi Hyphen Technical Company , located in the beautiful city of Wuxi ,Jiangsu ,where  there are convenient transportation for sea ,air and other shipping.

We can supply a wide range  products as followings:

 1.Radial hydraulic motors ,Crankshaft  hydraulic motors,Ball Piston hydraulic motors ,orbital hydraulic motor,Fixed displacement hydraulic motors .

  2.Variable piston pump,fixed displacement pump,axial piston pump .

 3.Vane Pumps ,Gear Pumps ,Radial Piston Pump.

Our product can replace completely with the following brand in size and performance:


    1.REXROTH :A2FM andA2FEseries Hydraulic Motor,

    2.POCLAIN:MS series radial hydraulic motor(MS02,MSO5,MS08,MS11,MS18,MS25)

    3.STAFFA: HMB,HMC series five star hydraulic motor

    4.DANFOSS: OMP,OMR,OMS,OMT series orbitalhydraulic motor

    5.ITALY  SAI: GM series hydraulic motor

    6.PARKER:TG,TE,2K,6K series orbit hydraulic motor

    7.EATON: 2K,6K series orbit hydraulic motor

8.REXROTH PUMP: A10VSO,A4VSO,A2FO,A6V,A7V etc.Piston pump

9.Rexroth Gear pump,Atos Gear pump

10.VickersVane pump V series,V10,V20,Yuken vane pump,Tokimec SQPseries


 Our products are widely applied in construction machines, plastic machines, shoes leather machines, die casting machines, metallurgical machines, mining machines, metal cutting machines and other hydraulic systems

    Our mission is supply you good products ,supply convenience and speedy service for you,welcome dear friends to contact us freely….


   Our Service philosophy:

   Honesty and Reliablity

   Profession and Concentration

   Openly and Friendly Communication

Quality and Precision….

  We invite you to try our services and products, as we can assure you of experienced workmen trained to do the job correctly.