22 Jun, 2021


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New Products

As per the customer requirements ,we developed this model  hydraulic motor ,this motor can replace with Parker  TE  and TF series hydraulic motor in size and performance .

Just tell us your details of the goods you want ,we will try our best to do for you!


High Speed Hydrulic Motors

High Speed Hydraulic Motors

Hydraulics motors of any size are able to produce greater amounts of power than similarly-sized electric motors and for this reason are used for large loads. High speed hydraulic motors offer even more energy which further widens the gap between hydraulic and electric

motors. These motors are part of a hydraulic drive system along with hydraulic pumps, tubes and cylinders. The main enclosure and interior components are made from metal such as steel or iron so they can withstand high pressures and operating speeds. High speed hydraulic motors are widely used in aircraft, vehicles, industrial lifting and in machinery that requires strong pressurized actions. High speed hydraulic motors, when used in a suitable system, are able to accomplish large amounts of work in short periods of time. Additionally, hydraulic motors are frequently used in automated manufacturing systems, trenchers, automobiles, construction equipment, drives for marine winches, waste management and recycling processes, wheel motors for military vehicles, self-driven cranes, excavators, forestry, agriculture, conveyor and auger systems, dredging and industrial processing.

Which are high speed hydraulic motors ?General speaking ,the speed of the hydraulic motor is above 500 RPM  ,we called these high speed hydraulic motors .

The special type have REXROTH A2FM,A2FE,A6VM etc.