02 Jul, 2020


1 Bent axial piston pump for  opening circuit .

2 Continuous working pressure can reach the highest 280bar, instantaneous pressure can reach 350bar.

3 Flow is proportional to the driving speed and displacement, and can get stepless variable  by adjusting the inclined plate Angle  .

4 There are many control models like persistence pressure, constant power constant pressure, the constant pressure constant flow of control mode, and the control response speed is perfect.

5 Low noise, high efficiency, high reliability, long life.

6 Small size, high power density

7 Excellent oil absorption performance.

8 The drive shaft can bear axial and radial load.

9 SAE and ISO .mounting  flange.

10 For through shaft structure for multi-loop system.

This axial piston pump is equivalent to the Rexroth A10VSO series,same mounting dimension,same

data and exterior shape.